LawCrossing – The Most Extensive Legal Job Site On The Internet

Posted by Admin | January 5th, 2010

LawCrossing is a specialist job board that finds virtually every single legal job opening in the USA. It’s simple and intuitive interface grants job seekers the opportunity to quickly and easily view those jobs that are available in their field of expertise and the area they are looking for without needless advertising and without the fierce competition for places that is associated with other mainstream job boards. What’s more, LawCrossingnot only aggregates legal job openings from major job boards and legal recruitment services but directly from the careers pages of major US law firms and other companies.

A team consisting of hundreds of research analysts work diligently to locate and identify virtually every single legal job opening in the country. Typical listings include advertisements for attorneys, law clerks, and legal staff as well as listings for partnerships, internships, and postgraduate clerkships. Whatever area of law you practice and even if you haven’t qualified yet, you can find access to the most extensive list of legal jobs in the USA by becoming a member of the LawCrossingwebsite.

LawCrossing does not accept advertising on their website, so there is no need to sift through postings to determine which are genuine opportunities and which are thinly veiled advertisements for so-called unmissable opportunities. What’s more, LawCrossingdoesn’t charge employers to place advertisements so they do not work for the employer. As a dedicated research firm, they work specifically for job seekers in order to help them find the most suitable and the most attractive job openings.

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